Welcome! Pull Up a Bean Bag and Get Cozy

Unless you like chairs. I decided, when my eyes popped open at 3:43 AM, that I needed a new online persona. Of course, that’s when all great ideas are birthed, right along with children. I was getting bored with hippiechyck, and that email gets way too much SPAM these days. It took all of 6.8 seconds to decide that I’m no longer hippie, I am “vintage.” Too cool!

I’ve been thinking that I need to take some of the more personal posts OFF my author blog and keep that one focused on my obsession hobby insanity collection of stories I hope to one day publish. Two are, I have one almost ready, and a lot of others waiting to break out of the gate. Of course, I should blog there more frequently as well. Maybe once I get all the clutter off, it’ll inspire me.

So, welcome, one and all. (I think I see 1 or 2) There will be lots of pictures of MAG (Most Adorable Grandson), a few of The Man, who hates when I post his picture online (he’s stuck with me, ya know? he should be used to it after 30 years) and the Scouts, a.k.a. the 2 younger kids. If I get updated pix f the older 2, I’ll post them. Matt, the middle guy and father of MAG, hates getting his picture taken, so he may be as rare as The Man.

Once in a while, I get a wild hair and do something like make a cooking video. Sure, I’ll post them, too. So long as The Man doesn’t get in them.

It’s now 6:20 AM, The man is off to work and the Scouts are sleeping off the effects of last night’s meeting. Time to listen to some praise music and finish my Bible study. (in reality, I just may try to create a signature, but I wanted to sound like I was accomplishing something eternal.) Later on today, I’ll blast you all with old posts. I know you’re looking forward to that. I’ll try not to disappoint.

Be Blessed!


That's the Scouts: Jonah (Second Class) and Ben (Tenderfoot)
That’s the Scouts: Jonah (Second Class) and Ben (Tenderfoot)

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