My New “Favorite” Thing: a Kindle Fire

Retro Man “bought” me a Kindle Fire for my early birthday present (IOW, he told me to order it). It came Tuesday (after I tracked it incessantly all day long) and I am happy to report it’s better than I hoped. I am just thrilled with the darn thing! The wifi is great, mostly used to indulge in You Tube worship videos and checking my book trailers. I’ve been wanting one for a while now. I won’t go totally paperless; I LOVE me a real book. But, it was oh, so nice to bring Janeway along with me to Bible study and use it to keep up with the verses.

It was so wonderful to upload all of the ebooks I’ve been collecting! Yes, many were free, but a few I bought. It’s lovely to sit in bed and not have Q on my lap. The books all look much better on the actual device as opposed to the laptop app. The past 2 morning I started going through a devotional I grabbed for free, and I just bought the companion today. Again, You Tube came in handy to listen to the hymn used in the reading. Then I hopped on my ESV to read the scripture portion.

Speaking of apps, I have added a few, with the possibility of many more! My two top ones are The ESV Bible and, both free. After hearing raves about the ESV version for a year or so, I splurged and bought myself a good study one. I love the notes, historical information and maps. It’s weighty, but well worth it. I still break out my old Scofield KJV when I want to compare notes, but the ESV is my go-to. It reads as an updated KJV, in my mind. It’s familiar, yet modern. is a wonderful app that I have on my phone, also. The format is a light dramatization that does not take away from the portion of text being read. The boys use it often when I assign them personal Scripture reading; I love that they can read along as it’s being spoken. I love it for those nights I cannot sleep.

Both apps allow posting quotes from the Kindle to your Facebook or Twitter feeds. Very neat!

On the self-indulgent side, I got a Mahjong game! L.O.V.E. this game! Now I can be super annoying to all my FB friends and post my high scores. At least I won’t beg for a tractor or a pig. The Second Class Scout asked me if he could put Temple Run on it. Good try, but this is MINE. So, he added it onto the glorified iPod. Yes, Mom is a wee bit territorial.

For those of you who do not know my odd quirks and did a double take over “Janeway” and “Q”, let me es’plain…All my electronic devices have names. If you are of the geeky variety of reader, you recognize the name as Voyager’s Captain Catherine Janeway. Yes, I am, among other things, an unashamed Star Trek fan. I grew up with Kirk, hated the first season of Next Gen before falling in love with it, and completely embraced Voyager. Deep Space Nine is okay, and let’s just pretend Enterprise never existed.

When I got my MacBook 3 years ago, he was immediately christened “Q” after my all time favorite Trek character. Q is an omniscient and irascible being who has been featured on all of the recent Trek shows (maybe not Enterprise, but remember, that does not exist). He embodies the very essence of the new computer I had no idea how to use. My Q also knows everything and has quirky moods.

A year later, Data followed. Yes, “Data” was my iPhone (the above mentioned glorfifed iPod). As with his Trek namesake, Data knows everything and is always willing to help me out.

Now, we have my Kindle Fire. I settled on Janeway, since she is small, yet powerful. Yes, all this way cool technology makes me feel like I live on board the Enterprise or Voyager at times. I’m still hoping a food replicator is in the near future; hey, a girl can dream, right?

Till next time…

Be Blessed!



3 thoughts on “My New “Favorite” Thing: a Kindle Fire

    1. Oh, I can spend way too much time in that App store, LOL! I want my Kindle to stay an EREADER, not morph it into an iPad 😉 Although I do need to find me a good “Contact/Calendar” app. Hmm….


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