Public Service Announcement: American Beauty Pasta

This is a first for me. No, really. I have never stopped COOKING to write a blog post, but the poor quality of one product has me fit to be tied.

crappy pasta


Do yourself a favor: never buy this product. Why? You are probably asking yourself. Because when you cook them, this is the mess you’ll get:

crappy cooked pasta


Trust me, I am no novice when it comes to making stuffed shells. It’s a family standard and has been for 30 years. My family looks forward to it. It’s a sure sign that a holiday or birthday celebration is happening.

I usually buy (brace yourselves) STORE BRAND shells. Yes, I said it. Store. Brand. There’s always a few random shells in the box that will not perform up to snuff, and that is expected. What is not expected is HALF THE BOX cooking into an unusable mess. No, they were NOT broken in pieces like that when I pout them in the salted, boiling cooking water. When they came out, that is what I saw. Oh, I was able to salvage some for my dinner (and luncheon tomorrow). Let’s just say it was a good thing that I bought three boxes. Face it, if I wanted to make lasagna or baked ziti, I would have purchased the appropriate pasta product.

I do not blame this on living where there is an Italian every 100 miles or so. No. I have used store brand or name brand for years and have never encountered this amount of garbage. Literally, because what am I going to do with a colander full of broken shells?

Hopefully, I’ll get enough out of that last box to finish my tray for lunch tomorrow.

Please avoid this product.


2 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: American Beauty Pasta

  1. Next time, make it from scratch you slacker.


    I heart the stuff in the blue box, but I don’t even know the name. I buy it when it is buy 2 get 3 free.


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