Menu Madness Monday

In my ongoing effort to organize SOME parts of my life, I decided that this shall be a semi-regular category. Others may include, but not limited, to Scheduling Saturday. Wednesday Worship, Thankful Thursday and Free For All Friday (i just made up that last one). Or, It can be NASCAR Nightly. By the way, Kyle won yesterday. Finally. I was not wearing my shirt. How sad.


Still with me? Okay. Here’s the skinny: it’s BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! *releasing confetti and balloons* I have quite a few plans going this week, so I best sort them out, both at home on paper and virtually. To achieve this end, I just downloaded Evernote onto Q and Janeway. I promptly made 8 virtual notebooks. I suspect what I really like is a new toy, but we won’t go there. So far, Evernote is pretty easy to use and it syncs from Mac to Android. Yay!

Back to MMM: I must be diligent and stay on track with the DASH Diet. My doctor was very happy with the progress, and Retro Man isn;t complaining, either. Conquering high blood pressure is my goal. Part of that is eating properly FOR that condition. I find this plan very easily followed, and not as complicated as I thought 10 years ago. I highly recommend Marla Heller’s books on the subject. She explains the plan in very simple terms. On a side note here, yes, I have switched to many low-fat dairy and some sugar-free items in my quest. They are not evil incarnate. I do not indulge in low fat snacks, bars or any of that type of thing that I readily admit is not the healthiest option. Please do not rail in comments about the “evils” of processed junk. I tried to use more natural methods, following the Weston A Price guidelines, etc, and it simply did not work for me. Kudos to you if that works for you! God created these amazing machines we live in differently. Mine functions best on DASH.

I also decided that it won’t be a hard and fast “THIS meal on Monday, etc” I think I work much better with a plan, but that plan must stay flexible to my whims. I still need to shop for a few more items to achieve Birthday Week perfection, but here is my basic meal plan:


eggs, bagels, pancakes, bacon, sausage, cereals

All items on hand. I have eggs daily unless I get a wild hair to not follow my DASH plan and have a pancake. When I do, I found Heart Smart Bisquick. YAY! Now, I need to create a heart healthy version of biscuits and gravy, which was certainly the manna God rained down on the Israelites.


This poses an issue sometimes. See, I have this gigantic almost 14 year old Second Class Scout that likes “big meals” and my tenderfoot who will more likely follow his older brother into veganism. To that end, I have Lunchables, bagels (if not eaten for breakfast), leftovers, cup soups (yes, those ramen things, bleh! Second Class Scout loves them) salad, leftovers.


This week’s choices are Greek chicken and rice, skillet chicken parm, tacos, the obligatory pasta night, and on my birthday we have Saurbraten Meatballs over Spatzel.

This week, more than likely, lunch on my birthday will be Chinese delivery. I’ll be busy making my Seven Layer cake. I’ll also be out on Wednesday with my fellow CBS leaders and Thursday night with Dad of MAG to celebrate our birthdays (his is the day after mine). Proof of why I need flexibility. I’ll add recipes as I’m cooking.

As always, Be Blessed!


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