Tuesday In The Blogsphere With VintageChyck…

Can I get sued for so obviously snagging a title? *giggle*

Yes, I promised you recipes last week. It was a busy, busy week! Firstly, we had mad Spring Cleaning going on. Then I had birthday celebrations to attend!

On Wednesday last, I went to Olive Garden with my CBS gals. That was just a fun, non-birthday related outing. I rarely get a chance to fellowship with all of the leaders since I still have kids home. My friend’s hubby is a teacher who happened to have off and was willig to come hang with my boys while we enjoyed our afternoon out. The house was still standing when we returned. Bravo!

Thursday we finished the cleaning and I went out as soon as Retro Man arrived home to get me a new do! A long overdue new do. But, I won’t go into the many hours of priming and bending Retro Man’s will to mine. I’ll just happily post the end result of my highlights and cut.

Photo on 2013-03-29 at 09.33 #2 Photo on 2013-03-29 at 09.33

The evening was complete with Matt and MAG treating me to Chinese.

Friday was Birthday Day! I am officially 50. Spent the day making Seven Layer cake, which I now understand the astronomical pricing of. Yes, it took most of my day, but it was fun and I enjoyed spending the time. Here are the results:

Photo on 2013-03-29 at 15.41

Saturday was the normal shopping craziness, compounded by insane Easter shoppers. I’m convinced that Wal*Mart brings out the weird in the most conservative soul. Then we had MAG overnight so Matt could celebrate his birthday. He’s a good boy (MAG, not Matt), only tossed one fit and fell asleep at 7:30 PM and we didn’t hear a peep out of him until 8AM. Not too shabby. He kept Retro Man busy during church running around the atrium and trying to eat a cigarette butt. Observe the cuteness

Photo on 2013-03-31 at 09.32


Thus, you see I had little time to post recipes, but rest assured they were good. I will post those ASAP. Like maybe next. Because I would like to post my recent theological musings on Thursday, because it sounds good to say Theological Thursday rather than Recipe Thursday. Case closed.

Until Next Time, which will probably be in the next 10 mins.

Be Blessed




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