Summer Kindle Reading Challenge!

I was just thinking that my Kindle Fire is the best gift Retro Man ever let me buy myself, and then someone issues a reading challenge and my ideals all go kablooie. See, for some strange reason, collecting unread books on the Kindle is 10,927,865,384 easier than collecting hard copies. Retro Man doesn’t notice the virtual pile that’s on the bedside, he only sees sleek, black Janeway. And, it’s not like I paid $10 for anything. Little does he know the hours of reading material that’s lurking on my left. I also happen to know that one of my favorite authors recently confessed to having over 900 books on HER Kindle.

Many authors use special promotions, like FREE or $0.99 deals. And heaven help me, I found a great app, Overdrive, that interfaces with my local library and I can BORROW BOOKS! *releasing confetti and balloons* Which only means MORE free books without the trip into Olde Town. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the actual library, but it’s so much fun to grab books with the app. Can we say “instant gratification”?

Although I’m making a concerted effort to keep book writing/reviewing things on the author blog (so as not to tax my family and friends with incessant blathering about Lakeville, or other plots I’m embroiled in) I thought it would be a good thing to post some of those reviews here. After all, reading is…well, it just IS! So, as I go along, I’ll decide which ones should go where. Aren’t you all happy? *crickets*

Back to the challenge. On my favorite cyber coffee shop, there’s a challenge going on to actually *gasp* READ the gazillion and three freebies/low cost books we’ve been grabbing up. (There’s also a Pinterest challenge happening, revolving around the 299,876,453 Pins we haven’t attempted to try yet.)This should make several folks happy since a few of them went free in order that others would review them. I’m sadly behind on that front. So, without further delay, here’s my list from the carousel. (We won’t venture into the actual Cloud yet)

The 2 Hour Gude to Mastering Evernote (that i PAID for and haven’t cracked yet  Looney )

Everyday Prayers, Scotty Smith (I read a few)

Proverbs for Kids, JoHannah Reardon

Wiersbe Study Guides: Mark

Historical Theology, Gregg Allison (started) (this is a HUGE book)

Identity, Ted Dekker

The Truth of the Cross, Sproul

Cold Case Christianity, J Warner Wallace

The Secret of Counting Gifts, Heidi Kreder

Where is God When It Hurts, Yancy

The Prodigal Life, Paula Creeden

Living for God’s Glory, Joel Beeke

Last Light, Terri Blackstock (rare freebie)

Jesus Walk: Discipleship Training in Luke’s Gospel (another bought and haven’t cracked book)

Found: God’s Will, MacArthur

Forgotten God, Francis Chan

Celebrating Marriage, TD Jakes

Crazy Love, Chan (started)

Courageous, Randy Alcorn I think

Code Blue, Richard Mabrey

Everything the Bible Says About Prayer, no author????

Every Writer Needs a Tribe, Jeff Goins

Raising Hell, Chan

The Divine Office, Edward Quigley

As you can see, I’ll have my hands full, my mind sharpened and my heart adjusted a few times. And, several Dragonrider books are on hold. Just because 😉

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed!



3 thoughts on “Summer Kindle Reading Challenge!

  1. Thanks so much for feeding my addiction. Now to download some of these badboys. Yes, K has certainly kept me from having ‘piles’, though, truth be told, I do most assuredly like ink and paper. What does bother me about K is that it does NOT have anti-glare, making it a bit tough to enjoy collecting Vitamin D and enjoy K at the same time. Now to find that app,,,,,, for my library.,,,, 🙂


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