Wednesday, again.

I seem to pop back in here on Wednesdays, which soon will be a busy day again. So, I best get back to posting a few times a week on different days.

Some good news abounded around the Big Blue House this week: I got a car. I finished my third book. And, we found out we’ll be staying put in the BBH, hopefully for another year.

Pondering all of this, I realized I’m entering a newly busy season. The boys are getting older and more involved in “things”. They’ve started a round of wearing braces, so we now have monthly trips to the ortho. Second Class Scout will be a full time student this year. Tenderfoot will be going twice a week, plus Bible study. And, we’ll be taking MAG with us to study this year.

It’s been a very nice and long break between “busy seasons”, but it’s feeling good to get back to a groove. I’ll be attending the leadership conference in September for Community Bible Study leaders. It should be a refreshing and enlightening time! Plus, my roomie is a fellow author so we can stay up late and chat about books and stuff. The only glitch in this is that it happens to be the weekend of the Shot Gun Shootout that the boys have been dreaming of attending with scouts. Which would leave Retro Man home alone all weekend. He doesn’t like that idea too much. We’ll have to see what can work out.

In study this year, we’ll be going through the book of Acts. The Early church and Paul’s missionary journeys. I’m sure we’ll be looking into a few epistles, too. It should be a great year. I’m not sure yet, but I’m expecting to stay with the Pink Lambs (2 year olds). They know I’ll happily go where needed most.

On the church agenda, well…I’m not sure if we’ll be going to the Real Marriage class yet. The problem is that there are just so many good, in depth classes to choose from. We’ll see. We still have about four weeks before we have to commit. Second Class Scout is teaching during first service, and Tenderfoot is having a blast his first year in the middle school classes.  Every so often MAG comes along with us. He enjoys crying in the nursery.

Pondering some fall tasks. I think that will be my next post. At least it’ll get me to THINK about them. 🙂

So, till next time

Be Blessed



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