Back to Business, VintageChyck Style

Which really means that hopefully, I will stop neglecting this poor blog 🙂

It’s been a crazy and busy summer, which we mostly spent waiting on news to stay in The Big Blue House. With that milestone under our belts, we also bought a new-to-us car. Since the boys will no longer be able to stroll out of the door and into school, I needed to be able to get them there. This monumental purchase happened to coincide with our 30th wedding anniversary. I guess when we do things around Retro House, we do them big!

The boys enjoyed their first day at school on Monday, and Second Class Scout is a full-time student this year. He fussed and blundered a bit, but was right smack in the middle of everything last week at orientation. He’s a social creature. But, I still have more friends on my Facebook than he does. (No, HE competes with me. *halo adjustment*)

Tenderfoot is still part-time home schooled. Right now, as I blog, he’s making an Archimedes Screw out of a 20 oz. water bottle, a pencil and card stock.

Photo on 2013-08-20 at 12.21

Bible study will be starting in two weeks, and  boy, are we ready! This year we will be studying the book of Acts. Are you plugged into a good Bible study? You can find a Community Bible Study class near you at this link.  Many women’s day classes have homeschool classes, and there’s an assortment of evening, men’s, women’s and couples classes. Their Children’s program is absolutely fabulous for all ages! (not like I’m biased or anything, being a leader in the class for the 2 year olds)

As always, scouting has been a great experience this summer. Tenderfoot went on his first campouts.We spent a gazillion dollars on supplies, hiking boots, MRE’s (bleh) and socks. In the end, it was worth it. They came home sunburned and exhausted every time. Which means, success.

All in all, we are so very blessed. I hope that you are, too!

Till Next Time!



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