Hello from beautiful Colorado, CBS style!

*Picture changed since post. New one is the Scouts in the tree house

I just LOVE the new header on my blog! That is a wonderful group of women that I am privileged to worship, pray, eat, laugh and sometimes cry with weekly. They are the leadership team of my Community Bible Study class.

We had our class leadership training time at the beautiful Mount Vernon Country Club in Golden. Oh, the views! Oh, the food! Oh, the wonderful time of spiritual refreshing and preparing for this new season.

We’re studying the book of Acts this year. Already, two lessons in and it is MEAT.Y.

I have the honor of being a team leader in the Pink Lamb class, who are two years old. Our first day held a few tears (and some shrieking) but we made it through with sanity intact. They’ll settle in by the end of the month. Till then, we’ll do what all good leaders do…take them outside to play.

Our lessons with the Lambies are on a three year cycle. They always start with Creation, go through the Old Testament “top tales,” as it were, the birth and resurrection of Christ and a missionary. The years cycle through different stories, and end with a different missionary. This year they’ll be meeting notables such as Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Jonah (kind of a big leap) Matthew, Nicodemus, Martha, Mary and Lazarus, and end with Peter and John. All the children from toddlers (where MAG is, Green Lambs) to 6 year olds (Blue Lambs) go through these lessons. The elementary class, which Tenderfoot attends, is studying Acts right along with the women. They have their own core groups and teaching time (their equivalent of a lecture).

I’m sure I’ll mention it again, but, I love this ministry and I love to be a vital part of it. If you are looking for a wonderful ministry in your area to be involved with, if you are looking for an in depth Bible study, if you are looking for wonderful fellowship no matter what your age, look into Community Bible Study (linked above). They have classes for all ages for men, women, students, and couples. I wrote an extensive blog post about it on my homeschooling blog.

And, lest you think we’re all business



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