Coming Soon: Review of The Harbinger, Decoded

D.H. Barbara

Yes, you read that right: the review is coming soon.

Sometime in October, on The Harbinger Jonathan Cahn (Official Site), a request for reviewers was posted. I was so pleased to be chosen! My DVD arrived within a week of the post, and my review was supposed to be up in 7-10 days of the arrival of the package.

Needless to say, life intervened. Between basketball practices and games, Bible study and a few illnesses tossed in, I did not get to this in the manner agreed upon. I would like to formally apologize, first  to Rabbi Cahn, and to Charisma Media for the delay. You entrusted me to view and review in a timely fashion, and I failed to abide by that.

Yes, the review is coming. You see, this is a book and DVD of enormous magnitude and it deserves to be done correctly. There is a great…

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