The Menu Board

On my “I WILL get organized, 2014 edition” kick of the week, I decided I need a menu board. I’ve been oogling this one on Pinterest:

(If ever there was a place for virtual ADD, it’s Pinterest, but I digress…)

Now, I’ve been wanting to get a new white board calendar for…a long time, and when I looked at this one for the 398,987 time, I said “Hey! I can make that easy! Then, just buy a new calendar board!” It killed the proverbial 2 birds, since I had a few bucks of Christmas money to burn and RetroMan said, “Sure.”

Off to WalMart I went and spent 45 minutes in the 2 aisles with planners, calendars, white boards, office supplies, etc…you see where that’s going. To my enormous glee, I bought a new calendar AND a smaller white board for the same amount I was going to spend on the calendar board alone! WHOO HOO! Half my work just went out the window!

Now, here’s my play-by-play tweaks on the above project (ETA: working on fixing picture links, sorry!):

Basic supplies: I went a weee bit crazy and bought a magnetic caddy, an eraser and new dry erase markers…i can’t wait to toss the old ones!

Here it is, empty, on my fridge (yes, we do like Star Trek, why do you ask?)

I had a mess of craft stuff already available, so I broke some out. The letters and paper I had (soon to be seen) I bought the paint and clothespins; Painted all the wooden parts

I made 2 “fun days” type clips

A bit of magnetic overkill, perhaps

I cut out a mat and frame, essentially, and glued them all together

Completed project!

The caddy has some extra clips, the meal cards and room for anything else I may think of (I should plop a pen and pencil in there, so we can add to the shopping list, eh?)

Now, my challenge is going to be getting my meal cards made up…I cut some big index cards down and on the back of each meal card I’m writing ingredients, as suggested in the original pin. I’m looking forward to a week where I can just peek, and see what’s for dinner!


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