Liquid Version of the DIY Laundry Soap

*DISCLAIMER: I am still having issues with Flickr…in case some pictures don’t show up (obviously, Im also having Photobucket issues as well)*

Funny, I thought I posted about my adventures with home made laundry soap *scratching head in confusion*

Well, I’ve been making my own powdered laundry detergent for about a year now. I think I’ve finally tweaked the original from Jillee to my own preferences. Adding epsom salts for fabric softening was a biggie. (because my kids hated pouring white vinegar into the machine.)

A friend pointed me to Jillee’s liquid soap recipe and I thought I’d give that a whirl. After all, I had the stuffs to make it, plus some. So, I got out my trusty large deep frying pan (because the pot I wanted to use was still in the sink, which has since been rectified) and poured in the recently boiled water. It was still fairly warm. Then, I added 2/3 of a box of shredded Zote flakes (because I just won’t grate soap). It got all gooey before it dissolved. I whisked it pretty good to make sure it was gone, then added 1 cup Borax and 1 cup Super Washing Soda. That all got thick rather quickly, so I whisked it some more.

I turned off the flame and let it set a few minutes while I unloaded the dishwasher, whisking it occasionally. Then I got to thinking, if all the other stuff was good for the powdered version, why not add it to this one?

So, I tossed in:

1 scoop Oxy Clean (the one that comes in the container)

1 c baking soda

1 c epsom salts

It bubbled up a bit, but I think since the flame was off, it was okay. It thickened up to a consistency of frosting

I measured it out in a handy 1 liter measure that I have left over from my food scale. Poured into 2 gallon containers I saved (orange juice and milk, in case you need to know) and added warm water from the tub, since my sink was still full. (I told you, the situation is now rectified) One is stashed in my storage closet and one is sitting next to the washer. The leftover is what I’m using to do todays laundry.

The only thing I miss is a light scent, but I think that I’ll fix that by buying eucalyptus epsom salts next round.

Next project is aloe body lotion. I’ll be scouring the thrift stores for a stick blender for this one. I may try a small test batch with my handy whisk, though. We’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by! Be Blessed!



2 thoughts on “Liquid Version of the DIY Laundry Soap

  1. Now you KNOW I made soap back in my “holy” days…hahahaha! I would def jump in and do this again but my mother in law keeps a steady supply of detergent and we have free access. Poor excuse considering the ingredients in the stuff! But, free is free :). Essential oils are AWESOME to add. Lavender and my fav lilac! Happy washing!!


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