Beauty In Fridays

I LIKE that! Every day there is so much beauty in our days that we take for granted. I have, out of several windows, views of the Rocky Mountains. Now, while my personal opinion is that they pale in comparison to the woodsy, green Catskills of Ulster County, New York, they are truly a magnificent sight!


Elizabeth, at Beauty Observed, is hosting a Friday link up. Her blog IS a wonderful spot of beauty here on the WWW. Stop over and scan her memes, recipes and more! Join in the link up! I thought it would be a good encouragement to get me back into weekly blogging. (notice I did not use the “C” word…”challenge”)

I love the memes that are shared on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other places. Of course, my attempts to make a few have been for book promotions, and I usually post them before I catch the glaring spelling gaffe. (#iisaauthor) Elizabeth has some beautiful ones and freely shares!

My “Beauty in Fridays” for today:

I woke up determined to start my detox. The really good thing about me doing any sort of “thing” in regards to my food is that it keeps me in constant prayer mode. After all, I can NOT go it alone! One of the many good things I pulled from my years with Weigh Down Workshop is that I must rely on Jesus to get me through. HE is the one who created me, and my hunger signals. He is the one who will guide me to the correct dietary needs for MY body, not yours or Susie Q’s. (Of course, I used a snack food name…see how insidious this is? 01chuckle )

So far today, following the suggested regimen on Ekhart Yoga, I’ve had my morning cup of chia seed gel (it wasn’t so bad, really), a bowl of steel cut oats with a banana for sweetness, a cup of lemon tea, 20 of my daily 80 oz of water with lemon and blueberries and some egg salad with guacomole on 7 grain toast. And a big leaf of kale. On the sandwich.

The rest of my day will look something like more kale, steamed, with toasted sesame oil rice, more water, possibly some goji berry tea, and some broccoli salad for dinner. All good, all filling.

I also got in Fit Quickies 1 and 2. th_Yes20Smiley

The beauty is that I can rely on Jesus to get me through the headaches, the hungries and the somewhat messy process of detoxing my body—His Temple—and build up my health. I’ll be happier, healthier and in a better frame of mind both spiritually and emotionally, next week, next month, next year.

Do you have something beautiful to share? Why not link up with Elizabeth and spread the beauty!

Till Next Time, Be Blessed!


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