Beauty in Fridays #2

Well, I missed last week. In my defense, I had a house full of recovering boys and we were supposed to have dinner guests on Saturday, so I spent a good portion of my day running to stores to get great prices on chicken cutlets, mozzerella cheese and other goodies. Turns out, our guests did not make it and I ended up sick by Monday evening.

Now, IF I can get Flickr to cooperate with me, I can post some snow pictures from the BBH. Not that I personally enjoy snow, I’m rather partial to the usual 50-75* temps in Colorado. In our 5.5 years here, this is the most snow we’ve seen in winter. Yes, I know, we’re spoiled.

snow day in April

snow day in April

For more beautiful pictures (much better than mine!) and prose, stop by Elizabeth’s blog, Beauty Observed. Join the Friday Link up!




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