Spring Break Return!

Hi there! It’s good to be back.

The past few weeks have been full of dental woes (I have 2 bad teeth and an abcess) and a computer glitch (thought I lost FOUR manuscripts!). Working on the teeth and the computer glitch was taken care of. All manuscripts are now safely residing on Q (the not-so-trusty MacBook), two external hard drives, a thumb drive, Dropbox and Google Docs.

Spring also makes me want to get out and walk, do fun stuff and all of that, but being at my heaviest again is NOT encouraging me to do so. SO, April 1st is H-Day…yes H, as in “Health”!

I have a plan…two, in fact…that I am going to implement. Exercise and food. It’s going to be a 12 week challenge to myself. And believe me, this next 12 weeks is NOT a time I’m just sitting around watching the grass grow. I have leadership training on Palm Sunday weekend, the wrap up of Bible study, then stepping into my new role of Children’s Coordinator, I have WORK to do come June! Planning and shopping for the needs of our very full children’s ministry, meetings, etc. Not to mention the normal, daily stuff of school, home school, writing, etc.

Exercise is pretty simple, really: WALK! God gave me two legs and a pair of sneakers. USE THEM. I’ll also work in Lani’s Fit Quickies. Easy ways to get into better shape without overdoing things. I still, in my heart of hearts, want to do at least a half-marathon. Maybe in the fall.

The food is not so easy. Addictions come in all shapes and colors and mine is raging. It’s hard to be addicted to something you need to do. I really do not need to do it so much. Or, so extraordinarily bad for my health. I have my DASH Diet book. and I also picked up Beat Sugar Addiction NOW by Jacob Tietlebaum. Combined, I think they’ll be a great guide to getting back to a healthy state (and weight). Then I can concentrate on recreating my wardrobe.

That makes me giggle. “Wardrobe.” As if jeans and blouses are a wardrobe! Well, time to get cracking and get a new, fresh look.

I can tell it’s Spring. Can you? 00flower









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