Planner Update

Remember this post back in the beginning of February? Well, Adrienne was my birthday elf this year and she gave me a nice little Erin Condren gift card balance to order a planner with! And, since they were on sale, I am able to give it a whirl and see how much I will love the thing! I cannot wait until it arrives (tomorrow!!!!).

Meanwhile, I have a busy weekend ahead, starting after I finish procrastinating writing this post. Just today, I have a big list to check off, including making a batch of laundry soap (which landed me here and I couldn’t IGNORE it, right? 01chuckle ) My last batch, made on JANUARY 3, ran out last week. SO, a solid 2 months supply! Nicely done. It’s worth the $$$ output, I think, for my needs.

I’ve been perusing Once a Month Meal sites, too. I need to get back on the healthy lifestyle wagon, and I’m trying to envision it working with a month’s worth of frozen meals and my latest addition, my crock pot. I need to do some menu planning, shopping list adjusting and planning, but I think it just may work out.

(Oh, in case I forget, I need two teeth extracted in the next week. Joy of joys.)

Back to my crock pot and meal planning: I’ve not decided to spend money on a subscription to the above link, but I figure I can make my own menus with a bit of effort put in. Add in crock pot meals on Wednesdays (Bible study days) and Sundays (church and race days) and I think we’ll be good to go.

So, I will stop killing time and get to my laundry soap. I’ll check in tomorrow after grocery shopping and tell you if I think I did well or not. (I somehow think I may overspend to start with…bummer)



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