Current Mania Post

Well, I’ve been busy with a few things…my nails, the CBS Leadership Training and my Erin Condren planner.

I can’t go into too much detail about the training yet, that’s happening this weekend at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Yes, weep for me, please  00flower

My planner is all blinged up and it’s exciting. I’m LOVING the included stickers, both pre-printed and plain ones. Here’s a shot of the beginning of my week


I had the flower stickers…the ones on the bottom that say “WALK!”: and “WRITE” are some of the blank ones that cone in the planner. I also love the zip pouch in the back that is holding all my pens. I slapped my pen holder on the ruler so the pen is always ON the page I’m using.

My other mania these days is Jamberry Nail Shields. These triv=ck little things are so cool. It’s essentially a “shrink wrap” for your nails! I call these “NASCAR and Lace”

Photo on 3-19-14 at 4.39 PM


And these are the “Author Nails with a bit of Jag.”

Photo on 4-10-14 at 2.47 PM

So much FUN!

That is what has currently been occupying my time. Thanks for stopping in!







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