Room Transformation, Step One

Part of my new role as Children’s Director is inheriting boxes upon boxes upon cartons and crates of crafting materials and 3 years worth of crafts for the curriculum used in Community Bible Study. I should be getting the first shipment today, which will mostly consist of paper, some of which I may purge (YAY!).

So, here is a photo essay of my small room, dedicated to my new position.

Sort of a wide angle shot, with arm in the way. (Still getting used to the new laptop)


The desk, and the boxes next to it will be the leaders “weekly info” boxes, filled with craft of the week, notes, etc.


Tote of Year 2 crafts for 35 weeks. This is what we’ll be using for 2014/2015. I need to go through and count what we have so I know how many MORE we’ll need. I’ll have 2 more of these, with crafts for Year 1&3. (CBS rotated through a 3 year curriculum, teaching Old and New Testament lessons)


Empty corner, waiting to be piled floor to ceiling. *gulp*


Current stash of paper towel and toilet paper rolls, to be used this coming year in 3 (or 4) different crafts planned. If you’re local, feel free to save some for me.


More TP rolls from our house along with a few family pics.


Some extra space in the closet, where I have my own crafty stuff and some homeschool items I was hoping would have sold by now.


One of the crafts we’ll be doing this year is a footprint-turned-angel with the child’s picture. Ben made one his first year in class  ❤


So, there you have the “before” shots. I’ll be sure to post my progress, unless I’m buried up here, in which case, send the rescue teams!




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