The Semi-Golden Road to Unlimited Health…

Yes, you Dead Heads caught me 00flower

I think that most if you know me by now, and know that I believe there’s only ONE real Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion, and that can only be found in Jesus.

And, I am not looking for a “magic pill,” so to speak, but wouldn’t that be nice? (AH! ANOTHER musical reference)

I’ve mentioned before, but I will again. Since high school days, the thought of being a vegetarian always intrigued me. I would go on periodic spurts of not eating meat, but I never knew how to balance myself and ended up back at Ground Beef 101. As an adult, I would read books on the matter, try it again, and well…back to Bacon City.

Now, with the health issues I’m dealing with, and the research I’ve read, I think, for my health’s sake, it’s a worth while endeavor to make a serious stab at it. So, I’m following the 21 Day Vegan Kickoff, currently on Day 2. Surprisingly, I have learned a few good lessons so far.

Lesson 1- Good carbs are VERY filling. I was astonished that I woke up without feeling ravenous today. Note there that I say “GOOD”. Whole grains, as unprocessed as possible. I didn’t even eat a salad yesterday, although I should have.

Lesson 2- PREPPING is important. I can’t just loll around and suddenly decide to eat. I need to prep whatever it is I want. Soup needs to cook. Chopping takes time. An afternoon’s worth of chopping and bagging veggies is worth it for a quick fix.

Lesson 3- READ through the recipes as you make a shopping list. I forgot a few key ingredients. Which brings me to

Lesson 4- Fancy stuff is not a requirement for vegetarian eating. Unless you count fresh foods as fancy. I don’t need to go buy morel mushrooms, $30 a throw vinegars or oils, every exotic spice every discovered. I can use what I have.

This was dinner last night (and lunch this afternoon)


Linguini (Ronzoni’s Garden Fresh variety, by my choice. It was only $1.50-ish) asparagus broiled with lemon, garlic and a touch of EVOO and roasted chick peas. GOOD-NESS! I’ll be making those chick peas weekly.

So, on I go into Day 2 and already have hit some bumps in the road, like Retro Man taking my whole grain bagels to work with him. I quickly subbed some yummy whole grain bread from Great Harvest Bakery and natural peanut butter (yes, Rachel…Laura Scudder) and a banana. Good and filling. I hardly miss my eggs. Hardly 01chuckle

It’s never too late to improve your health or live a dream. What’s something YOU have been wanting to do? Pray over it, then go for it!




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