Book Review: Silent Night Standoff by Susan Sleeman

Silent Night Standoff, the latest release by Susan Sleeman is a bona fide “can’t put down” read from page number one. The first book in her new series introduces you to Skylar Brennan and her responder squad during an armed robbery in which she becomes a hostage rather than a negotiator. Enter FBI agent Logan Hunter, with whom she shares a past relationship, and the sparks flying aren’t only from the weapons firing! They both need to rely on God to release the hurt and learn how to trust again.

As always, Susan creates unique and realistic characters who you immediately bond with and want to learn more about. You can eel the friendships between squad members, Logan’s inner need to please his overly demanding father, Skylar’s pain from her rocky childhood. And, when the book comes to it’s satisfying ending, you can’t wait for the next installment.

The story follows the investigation of threats against Skylar with intense, edge-of-your-seat suspense and the final twist catches you off guard. Your fingernails will need a new manicure once you finish the book!

SNS book coverSilent Night Standoff is the first book in Susan’s new series, First Responders. It’s a good, clean romantic

suspense story. I’ve enjoyed her other series, The Justice Agency as well as her Hometown Mysteries.

You can get to know Susan and her novels on her Amazon author page, her Facebook page where she

takes the time to interact with her fans and follow her on Twitter. She also hosts the


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