Perfect Planner Search: Introducing Life In Line

If you’ve been with me any amount of time you know that I am a “planner addict,” which is contradictory to my fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants outlook on life. Can one be both a control freak and a devil-may-care personality? *don’t answer that* What I do know is, I am NOT, in any way, shape or form, one of those “household binder” gals. Bless them all, it works for them beautifully. Not me. That just adds too much frustration to the FBTSOYP part of me that refuses to be contained.

Planners, however, have always held a fascination for me. Maybe because I like writing things down? I can’t define the illness, only explain the symptoms. I’ve gotten planners small, medium and large. Cheap-ola ones and fairly expensive ones. I’ve tried making my own with free printable pages. Usually, I have a mess of scrap papers in my bag, I try to transfer them into a bona fide planner and find I’ve lost a pertinent piece of info, such as when the camping trip is over and I have to go pick up my sons. My phone app just isn’t enough. I need to write. I’ve been involved in countless discussions via message boards AND real, live friends, about which planners are better than others. I am currently a member on 3 different Facebook “planner communities” after paring down from…well…let’s not worry about all that.

Those pocketbook ones are good for taking notes or taking up space, period. I like big. Legal sized big. I need to keep all sorts of papers in place. As you know, if you read my sporadic prose, a wonderful friend gifted me an Erin Condren planner last March. As you can see, I get a burst of planner-itis then it lays dormant for days or weeks at a time. This is the one reason the Uncalendar holds my attention. If I skip a whole month, well, I won’t have wasted any planner page, right?

Enter Kristi. She’s been an online friend for a decade, and I’m always amazed by her busy schedule and the ability to keep on top of many things at once. She home educates, administrates her local co-op/umbrella school, has ministry obligations, etc. She’s helped me refine several DYI recipes (my bulk taco and chili seasonings are thanks to her expertise in math 01chuckle ). What does Kristi do in her spare time? She created an organizational system!

Life In Line , which is still “in progress” as Kristi continues to tweak the site, seems to offer the best of all the planner worlds out there. First off, Kristi walks you through how the system works via on site video. Second, it’s printable. So, it’s not terribly expensive. You only print what you need. This is both really cool and terribly disconcerting to the average planner addict. I’ve had several conversations with Kristi, expressing my mania anxieties and we’ve come up with a conclusion. I’m willing to give her system a whirl and she’s willing to put up with my eccentricities and I’ll document the whole thing on the blog. I told you she amazes me!

My first step is to replenish my ink and paper supplies. *there always seems to be a step program involved* By virtue of my Bible study, a friend loaned me her paper binder (a neat little spiral binding tool) because I prefer that method. I could change my mind on that, but as of now, spiral binding it is. Now, I need to decide which pages I need to print and start using it as my year of Erin Condren winds down. I did purchase an 8.5×11 PlanAhead 2 Year See It BIGGER planner  (near bottom of page) at WalMart for a whopping $4.95. It’ll make a great base for building my own planner with Kristi’s pages.


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