Another Fail? No! Another Touch of Grace


Hi all!

I won’t bother walking you through all the “food programs” I have marched through since my late 20’s. I never saw myself as a slave to either food or programs. I usually pride myself on not jumping on fad bandwagons and all of that rot. Well, that’s always the time that I should know there’s a Holy 2×4 with my name on it coming soon. You’d think I would learn to duck get on my knees.

Enter the latest fad, a leftover of my crazy hippie dreams. My vegetarian journey began late May or beginning of June, and I posted about it here –> POST

I do want to stop right here and say that I have tremendous respect for all who have walked a long road to regain their health, and they found relief by going vegetarian or vegan. Blessings to you and may your health continue to prosper!

My health, however, after an initial spike of energy and a drop of 5-7 pounds has stayed right at that precipice of all the danger numbers: HDL, LDL, whatever other “L” there is that’s not good, the high blood pressure is still high (I’ve even recently gotten a visit by my old friend, blood pressure headache). My joints are screaming, my clothes are tight…again. And, here comes the 2×4, in a still, quiet voice.

Have you had enough of man’s ways yet?

Oh, how I relate to Israel of old! They want to be “just like everyone else.” (1 Samuel 10:19) Why do I persist in thriving on labeling? “I’m a vegetarian” is only the latest in a long, long line. Nothing is worth anything except what Jesus calls me. “Beloved child.” “Precious daughter.” Why can I not keep my eyes focused there instead of running after all the idols of the world? In this case, some magic “number” in either clothing size or weight.

I do know I need to regain health and wellness. I do know that I do need to drop some poundage. What I have lost in my striving with the world is HOW?

Enter a fad *giggle* that I have been steadfastly ignoring for about 2 years. Because, you know, I don’t “do” fads. I don’t rush out a buy every new diet book on the scene, Christian based or otherwise (I may sneak one once in a while from the library, but that is solely for research purposes to be sure I am not “fadding.”) So, when the internet started buzzing with this new Trim Healthy Mama thing, I refused to even look at it. In fact,  went o a few lengths to find Serene’s raw foods book, because, well. I just did. No fads for me! Nope, nu-uh. In all the carefully ignored places it was mentioned, I avidly avoided, after gleaning just enough to know why I was avoiding it.

Then the 2×4 hit. I began seeing the mania wear off and lives changed. I still was on the “too complicated” bandwagon. *ironic side note: if you aren’t on one bandwagon, you certainly are on another! Women that I fellowship with regularly online sticking with the “plan” and succeeding. Women whose opinions I respect.

On a small health forum I have, a few gals were talking about THM. I did my usual “too complicated, blah blah” speech, but admitted that I did not really know that much about it to accurately gauge it.

Did you hear it? Boom. The 2×4 hit me. Find out more about it on your own. Stop relying on the opinions of others.


All one need do is type in the title of the book in any search engine. Google, Pinterest, Facebook, whatever. You will not starve from lack of information. I now have several blogs saved for reading, and a whole Pinterest board devoted to info and recipes, while I wait on the book from the library. I joined their Facebook community and message board. I am more than likely driving Laura crazy, but that’s a given.

So, here I am, now, wading through the alphabet soup of their meal plan, enjoying chicken and beef again. Well, not so much beef, but chicken. Feeling incredibly free to listen in and see what the Lord has for me to learn through this. So, my THM journey begins, I suppose.

If you want more info on THM, this video was what really opened my eyes and began to change my mind. It’s a well spent 50 minutes.






3 thoughts on “Another Fail? No! Another Touch of Grace

  1. Seeing my name highlighted, I must confess, I wasn’t quite sure to which Laura you referred, but, the comment about driving ‘me crazy’ made it rather apparent that it was to THIS ONE, the crazy reference was given.
    Grace, grace – GOD’S GRACE – is what it’s all about. Every journey starts with a step, and the freedom in Christ to enjoy food and not think you ‘can’t’ is huge. So, don’t eat beef. I promise, I won’t send you any more Paco’s Hot Dog sauce ever again either!


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