THM Tuesdays

My new category: THM Tuesday! This way, I save all my THM mania for one post per week, unless I find a super recipe or something. Surprisingly, I am really enjoying learning this method and reading up on all the different meals.

I should have the book from the library this week. Between a few neat “cheat sheets,” the starter guide from the Gwen’s Nest blog and all the other stuff online on my Pin board, I think I am good to go. After I have the book in hand I’ll decide if I want to splurge and grab it.

I was ridiculously excited to shop this week, specifically when it came to meat. Reform did not take long 01chuckle I am going to need to carefully read many of the frugal THM blogs out there. Some of this stuff will cost a bundle if not planned for wisely. I probably won’t be a purist when it comes to a lot of  this. I already know things I absolutely won’t use/buy. I’ll just keep that to myself for now.

A few fun things I tried this week:

Good Girl Moonshine and The Shrinker. I admit, I’m disappointed about not being able to handle the caffeine in the Shrinker. Investigating other options on that, until then, only one Shrinker a day and only before noon. I made a lemon-lime version of GGMS, it’s great!




Muffin in a Mug. I used a recipe from Jennifer’s A HIMG_20150201_110533870_HDRome With a Purpose blog. Also, on a tip from Kendra, I found silicone single cake and loaf pans at Dollar Tree. Too cool! I didn’t have walnuts, which is okay since they aren’t my “nut of choice” anyhow.


New favorite recipe: Loaded Spaghetti Squash Casserole. If you type that into the Pin or Google or your search engine of choice, you’ll find plenty of versions. Here’s a great one. I made a sausage alternative using ground chicken and turkey together. I made some breakfast sausages with it, too. Here’s mine


It’s probably too soon to give a health/loss report, as I’ve only been attempting to follow with limited info. I do know that I am not “starving” all day, even on a light version of the program. I need to be prepared, because it takes effort to eat healthy, and if you don’t have something prepped in advance, you’ll cave. That’s true all around, but it seems to take more effort with this. Once I’m in the groove, it’ll get better.



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