Amazon Goodies Arriving Soon

Quick THM report: I am losing inches and pounds. Not fast, and that is okay. As long as the numbers are going down, the clothes are fitting better and I am feeling great!


I have been having so much fun with Amazon the past two weeks 🙂 Along with my very own copy of Trim Healthy Mama, I have some other fun stuffs coming.

Prince of Peace Oolong Tea, 100 bags. Perfect for those Shrinkers.

Vegetable Spiralizer kit. I missed this when it was on a lightning deal for only $3 or some ridiculously low price, but considering everything included, $14 wasn’t bad, either. I also received a freebie ebook via email.

Reditag Divider Notes. Yes, for all your office supply obsessive needs, you can now have divider POST IT notes. Yay, me! (I won’t even mention the newly discovered planner that Chautona posted on her FB page about. No, I absolutely will not.)

Speaking of Chautona, I won a $50 Amazon gift card from her when she held a contest for the release of Deepest Roots of the Heart. Wonderful, romantic historical fiction. I purchased my long awaited nail fun, a set of 7 gel polishes (base, top and 5 colors) and the UV lamp to cure them. Well, the lamp came within 3 days, but I am still waiting for the polishes to travel to Denver. They are due to arrive anytime between Thursday and March 13. Yeah. Hoping they get here before the weekend so I can give my nails a NASCAR manicure to celebrate the 2015 Daytona 500, which reminds me to add this:

Rowdy Nation


No, Kyle Busch has nothing whatsoever to do with THM, but I never miss an opportunity to give a shout out to my favorite driver! Maybe, someday, he’ll send me tickets to a race. One can only dream big, right?

I’ll toss in a quick, fun recipe, too.

Roasted Radishes. Yes, you read that correctly.

1 pound radishes, trimmed

2 TBSP good butter

A sprinkle of thyme.

Preheat oven to 375*F. Wash and trim radishes and place in a baking dish.

Melt butter, add thyme, then pour over the radishes.

Roast for approximately 45 mins, until the largest ones are fork tender. I started checking mine around 35. Deee-lish. Really.


Have a hap-hap-happy day!



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