A Wintery Afternoon Post

Here in the foothills (sort of) of the Rockies, we’re in the middle of back to back snowstorms, with no end in sight until, oh, next week? *faint* It was a busy day on Tuesday and I wasn’t feeling terrific, so I didn’t post a THM Tuesday post. Now, I know this is not the end of all creation, but I feel like I slighted someone 😉

I’m reading through at a slower pace than I normally do–there’s just so much information to absorb. Not only am I taking notes, I’m having a ball slapping those Reditab notes all over the place. I’m still undecided, but leaning towards having the book spiral bound. Maybe they should offer that as an option. As I read, I’m completely identifying with Pearl. She cracks me up, and I share much of the same outlook on life as she does. (Yes, I love my microwave and Dunkin Donuts)

So far, a few of my favorite recipes** from the book are:

Golden Flat Bread, pg 270. I did my own little tweak by adding 1/2 c psyllium to the dry ingredients, and I used the carton egg whites plus the whole eggs in Peal’s version of the wet ingredients. I probably could have made it a bit thinner, but it’s very yummy.

The Bread in a Mug, pg 265, is good, too. I tweak it just a bit by using 1 TBSP each psyllium and coconut flour in place of the almond flour listed. I think I’d like to try making a savory one, adding some garlic and onion powder and herbs, and cut it into croutons to top a salad. Hmmm.

The “Just Like Campbell’s” tomato soup, pg 292, was really good. No tweaking. 🙂

Kickin’ Kefir Elixer, pg 245 with berries. Yumm-ola. This week, I am going to try making the Vanilla Sip into a THM shamrock shake. I’ll keep you posted.

Of course, the Shrinker is fab. Still not crazy about that Good Girl Moonshine, but this week I will buy some Red Zinger tea and try out that version.

I’ve found a few great recipes on the Pin, too. To go along with my chick-turk burger tonight, I’ll be making Savory Roasted Butternut Squash as my side. My THM Info and Recipes board has many of the goodies I’ve tried so far, and other fun stuffs. The Basic Coconut Flour Baking Mix is in my freezer ready to whip up a quick MIM (muffin in a mug). That page also has a mess of ideas for different MIM’s. I wasn’t thrilled with the egg baked in half an avocado, but you may enjoy it.

A few THM bloggers I’ve come across:

Oh Sweet Mercy

Sheri Graham

The Sunny Patch

To date, I’ve dropped 4 pounds and gained 3/4 of an inch. Makes little sense, right? I don’t do well with indoor type exercising, I’d much rather be out on a walk, especially in glorious Colorado (most of the year, anyways). The recent cold snap and snowfall has caused me to revert back to some standard indoor routines, although, as with my recipes, I tweak them.

I do T-Tapp upper body moves, sitting on my exercise ball. I will not use the “stance” that is recommended. I much prefer Lani Muelrath’s method in that regard. I use her Fit Quickies, which you can preview on her site. I add in some great yoga stretches from Ekhart Yoga. Twenty to thirty minutes, and it’s done.

Another great health tip I discovered (and was super skeptical of at first, as usual) is Dry Skin Brushing. This was a pretty good article on the Mind Body Green site. I started off with a rough washcloth and graduated to a decent brush. I prefer to buy one locally because I want to feel the bristles myself. I don’t like them too stiff, and even softer for my face. Picky, picky, eh?

**Disclaimer: I cannot post the complete recipes from the Trim Healthy Mama book. That is copyrighted material. I feel free to post my tweaks to them. Thank you for understanding.




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