THM Tuesdays, I’m Officially Affiliated!

Hi friends, I know it’s been a while. It’s been crazy busy with the end of the CBS season upon me, and I’ve been battling some fatiguing vertigo the past 10 days or so. CA-razy!

*an aside, seems it’s been so long the WP has a new dashboard that I do NOT like one bit…*

My past month review of my THM journey is this: if I stay ON PLAN, I do well. Well, big surprise there, right? Don;t we ALL do well on our plans when we stay ON them? *eye rolling at myself* It isn;t a hard plan to follow. What makes it hard to follow is the little steps off plan you take, which lead to more, then sooner or later ypur eating a whole pizza with whole grain crust and wondering why you feel so bloated and how come you’re retaining so much water. Not that I would know.

And, isn’t that how we end up walking so far from the Lord “suddenly”? It isn’t as sudden as our egos would like to believe. It’s the small steps outside of His will that lead to another and yet another until suddenly we’re mired in a sin that we thought we’d given up long ago, only to discover it’s been tucking us in at night.

I’m getting back on the track, THM-wise, this week. I’ve had 2 pretty good days so far. Not drinking nearly enough cool, clean water, but that will be adjusted. I’ve discovered that I love Red Raspberry Zinger GGMS best. I iwsh I could find decaffeinated oolong tea. I’ll be checking a local Asian market this week. If I can’t find this, I need a different tea to sub in my Shrinker.

I spent a day last week making up a bunch of THM breads. On top is the pan bread, which I like best, the middle are oopsie rolls, not a favorite. Then we have 4 breads in a mug, very good toasted with eggs, and a dozen white muffins with blueberries.

I also came up with my very own recipe for stir fry chicken and light cream sauce. I believe it’s an FP on it’s own, and paired with half a sweet potato, a nice E. Please let me know if you think otherwise. It’s also pinned, here.

1.5 lb chicken breast, stir fry sliced
1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced
1/2 red bell pepper, julienne
2 ribs celery, thin diagonal sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced
4 oz low fat/no fat chicken stock
2 tbsp low fat sour cream

Saute chicken in a spray of coconut oil/olive oil (season however you like, i used salt, onion and garlic powder); remove when just done
Saute the veggies, except garlic, till soft
Add back chicken and garlic, saute 2 mins till blended
Add the stock and sour cream, stir well and let cook a few minutes with a lid on the pan.
Serving size was about 3-3.5 oz of chicken and some veggies/sauce, so I think the fat and carb count is low enough for an E meal, with a carb source, and an FP on it’s own.


Lastly, I’ve signed on to be an official Trim Healthy Mama Affiliate. Yes, I am as surprised as you. It was only not too long ago that I was vehemently never going to read this silly book or get involved with the alphabet soup of meals. Well, God has that funny way of humbling us, doesn’t He? 😉 So, if you’ve been following the blog and you’re interested in purchasing the book or their products, please consider using my link. I make a small commission on each sale. It will be linked on my sidebar as well as in this post. Thanks!


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