THM Tuesdays: Did You Hear? KYLE IS BACK!

Yes, yes, yesRowdy Nation the Busch’s are not THM’ers so far as I know of, but who cares? HE’S BACK IN THE CAR!!! This trumps most other news today. I’m actually excited again for the race this weekend! Whoo hooo!

To celebrate, I whipped up a nice little MIM (Muffin in a Mug), which I found on the Pin. If you haven’t discovered the Pin yet, you’re either living in a cave or you aren’t online much. In any case, I love the PIn, and all the great stuff which evaporates the time in your day like a heatwave after a rainstorm. Seriously. But, I digress.

20150512_105647I found this great recipe, and it was just my blessings that I had gotten a Lily’s Dark Chocolate bar yesterday. I did see the Lily’s Baking Chips, but eeeee-yikes, I was not spending $7 on a bag. I broke off a row from my bar (I think it’s 6 pips across) and chopped it up to sprinkle on top. Not too shabby, eh? I love that dessert dish, too. So much fun!

My THM week has been quiet. I’m off that silly steroid that helped me gain back most of the weight I dropped. I’m trying to implement more THM meals into dinner for the family, so I’m not making 35,498,798 meals per day. (well, it does feel that way) I’m also trying hard to be budget conscious since the food $$ hasn’t grown but food prices have! You can incorporate THM into a tight-budget lifestyle and I am determined to make it work. Yes, there are a few pricey things to get, but it all evens out in the end. The pricier items last a long time. Almond flour, flax meal, Pyure Stevia, coconut oil, red palm oil…all of them last a good long time. The meats I can usually find on Manager’s Special in my King Sooper (Kroeger) or good sales. When I am diligent.

Back to walking, too. This beautiful, but crazy state has some seriously odd weather. It’s finally starting to warm up after a few weeks of cold, rain and snow. Yes, I said snow. In May. Yes. I did. Now that all of that mess is hopefully behind us till next December (or, maybe September. You just never know here) I can get out regularly again. I’d really love to get a 5K under my belt before 2015 closes. I’ll have to investigate that a bit, but I know the Hot Chocolate 15K runs in October. Hmmmm.

Well, that’s my stream of consciousness today. I need to get crackin’ with the Big Purge we started on Saturday. If I’m not back soon, I’ll be buried under piles of old papers!



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