Two Review Thursday

I know, I really blew that alliteration. So sorry. You’ll just have to bear with me.

I thought I’d review two things you hear a lot about on the THM Facebook pages, and those are the brandie new Baking Blend and a sourdough bread recipe from THM blogger Gwen. Mind you, this is my personal opinion. Carry on…

Gwen’s Nest Easy E Bread: I’m not big on sourdough to begin with, but I really wanted some plan approved bread; not bread in a mug or the pan bread, which is essentially a crepe…I’d rather just eat eggs, not pretend they are a sandwich wrap. This is, I am sure, a residual effect of being raised in Bergen County, NJ, where heavenly, light, crispy bread can be found on virtually every corner.

The Easy Sourdough Bread is VERY easy, which is good for me since I am not an accomplished bread maker (just ask Laura) nor am I a patient babysitter of starters. You mix this recipe and forget about it until you remember that it should go in the fridge. Then you forget about it again till you want to make bread or pizza. Rising time to fridge varies from 3 hours to overnight. Fridge time is 3-5 days for the best flavor.

I made a loaf of bread last week after 1 day because, well…see above (impatient). RetroMan liked it fine, but it wasn’t bready enough for me (note above NJ born comments). I probably didn’t add enough salt, either. But, it was good to dunk in my tomato soup  and i probably can make some good croutons and bread crumbs with it as well. I’m going to try making some rolls with this next batch.

Pizza, however…it makes GREAT pizza crust!  :wave:  Nice and chewy, and crispy where it needs to be. Plus it’s plan approved and REAL bread crust. I will always keep this in the fridge, yes I will.

The Baking Blend*: You get 1 pound of their baking blend for $7.99, which isn’t really a bad price since almond flour runs about $2-$3 more. It’s ground into a nice consistency, which is one thing you don’t get with the almond/coconut/flax meal unless you process it yourself. I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Baking blend has oat fiber, coconut flour, golden flax (much better than plain old brown flax), almond flour, etc…I’m not sure what collagen peptides are, and it’s got the infamous glucomannan* in it as well. From all accounts, you can use it in a 1:1 ration to replace flour in most recipes, sans breads.

While it is a nice product and makes a really nice muffin (I haven’t tried much of anything else yet, except a bread in a mug and I prefer the recipe in the book* better). I’m not thrilled with the extra ingredients that I don’t know much about. Yes, I read about the konjac in the book (gluccie, as they like to call it) but I’m not 100% convinced it’s the miraculous product they say it is. And that is not offense to their research on it. I just don’t know myself. One thing about what I’ve made so far is that I get a weird mouth feeling afterward, sort of like there’s a light film over the roof of my mouth and tongue. I don’t get that feeling if I use any of the flours or oat fiber listed in the ingredients on their own or combined.

I’m not sorry that I bought it. It was a good product to try out, and it supports their business, which is a good thing. There are quite a few DIY baking blends on the Pin, and I think I’m going to try making up one of my own when this is gone. I may splurge again over the holidays if I like the texture of the cookies that I need to try out.

A few of the THM Bloggers have recipes posted using the new Baking Blend.

A Home With Purpose

Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen

The Coers Family

Try some out! You have nothing to lose but a pound or two 😉

*Affiliate links above. Thanks for looking.



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