New Year, New Food Plan, Etc.

WOW! New blog dashboard, too. I guess I nee dto blog a bit more frequently.

I thought I’d post an update. RetroMan is terrific, family is wonderful, all kids are growing and thriving! Life continues to be busy in the Big Blue house, and I’m into my second year as Children  and Youth Director with Community Bible Study and loving every minute! The 16 yr old is working a permit-driving. Eeek! That went fast. Both the 16 and 13 year old are still active in Scouts and the 16er will probably spend his summer at camp again.

Since no pants fit me after Christmas, I hung my head in semi-shame, and prayed about what I needed to do now. You see, when the LORD allows me latitude (which is grace-based eating) I take way, full advantage. *deep sigh* So, I looked around my Kindle, and low and behold, there was an Atkins book that I probably bought for $0.99 at some point, because, well…you just HAVE TO buy a $0.99 book. As you can well see, addiction issues run deep with this one.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Atkins. So, I said to myself and Jesus, “Well, I have it. I know it works. Is this cool?” I didn’t hear a resounding no, so I promptly read through the book, found the Atkins website and downloaded the app onto my phone. All set. Induction, here I come.

I don’t think I plugged in the actual correct weight to start so I’m not sure I really lost 6 pounds the first week. I’ll be better able to tell come Monday, since I plugged in a real-life number this week. Staying between 18-22 carbs per day is a lot of thinking work. I’ve done low carb before, using a 30 carb per day number and did fairly well (until a loaf of bread sneaks into my kitchen) so I know this will be good. I do feel a bit better physically, the hip/leg/joint pain has subsided somewhat. I know that low carb is good for my high blood pressure and my blood sugar.

Adding to this is the discovery of Pilates. I’ve heard about it  for some time now (who hasn’t?) but never really looked AT it. There must be something in it that appeals to my latent Germanic background. Joseph Pilates was an amazing athlete, the German equal to America’s Jack LaLane. He was ahead of his time in the field of fitness. I need to sit myself down and read his Return to Life Through Contrology, which is what he named his series of deep core-building exercises. I happened on this one day when I was exploring our library, and stumbled on Alycea Ungaro’s book on the subject. She discusses Pilates in the book, and I liked that. So many people have taken it on and made it more complex. Which isn;t bad, just not what the namesake may have been aiming for. You can look up Jospeph Pilates on You Tube, he was amazing.

I also found a great site and You Tube videos from A Balanced Life with Robin Long. Simple, easy to follow beginner Pilates workouts. By simple, I don’t mean you won’t feel it. You WILL feel it. But, that’s good! Robin talks you through Pilates principals and gets you to concentrate. I enjoy her beginner workouts.. I also have Alycea’s above linked book, so I am switching between workouts and practicing Pilates basic moves.

I created a Pintrest board to save all the great low carb/paleo/gluten free recipes I’m finding. In a fit of whatever it is I get into, I deleted my THM boards, which I regret just a tiny bit. I had some good recipes on there that I could have tweaked back into the Atkins deal. Live and learn.

That is probably all the news except for my writing, which can be found in a brandie-new spot on my author website. That, too, got a new year face lift. Stop by, say hello and let me know how you like the newer look.




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