Weekend Update

It’s a hot weekend here in the Denver Metro area. I’m sitting inside, nice and semi-cool, working on all kinds of neat stuffs (which, unfortunately, does not include a dinner item as of yet). The Youngest Scout is mowing the lawn before his week away at camp. A race is on tonight, and, boy howdy, I’m looking forward to a Kyle Busch sweep. Well, in reality, I always am.

I created our Community Bible Study children’s class craft/lesson schedule, a meal sign up and now I need to add dates to Sign Up Genius. I also, in a fit of technological prowess, made a Periscope and YouTube channel! Wow. I amaze myself sometimes.  Now, you can not only read my life adventures, you can actually hear them, in a full blown New Jersey accent.  I’m hoping in the next few weeks to have some vids about books, Plexus and my new planner up. I can even live stream, but I’m not sure you all want to listen to that craziness.

My new planner: yes, I did order a new one! I went with the personal-planner, and I used my graphics from the blog for the cover. I’m looking forward to filling it up. I think, for me, it was the most bang for the buck, plus I hit a 15% off code on Facebook (see? It’s worth it to follow these pages!) so my planner had a grand total of $33. That included shipping. I’m pleased. I’ll “unbox” it and post the video.

July is the month that I started 2 new home-based businesses. Rushing Wind Media and Plexus.

Rushing Wind Media is the result of my working as social media manager for a friend’s dive shop this past year. I hope to help other small businesses get their social media platform up and running. I had a friend’s very talented daughter create some branding graphics for me and I am just tickled with them. I’m still tweaking the website a bit, but if you want to share some luv, feel free.Blue BG-12

I had a minor kerfuffle with my initial Plexus order which my upline, Jess, fixed for me this morning. Let me backtrack just a second and say that I never, ever, ever thought I’d use the phrase “upline” in any sentence ever in my life. Just a few of the new things that are happening around here these days. It wasn’t even with Plexus, it was with my lame postal delivery. I won’t bore you with too much detail except to say that while I LOVE living in the Big Blue House, there are a few drawbacks to living on a school campus. And, these are only very recent drawbacks. I guess the postmaster likes me to come in and speak to him about my lack of mail delivery in my loud, NJ voice. (not really, maybe) All of that to say, I should have my products this week, and I am very excited to start this leg of my wellness journey. I do have a Plexus Facebook page, and you can follow along there if you’d like information on their terrific products.

In book news, I have a tentative schedule for the release of the next Lakeville books. Yes, books. If you hop over to my author blog, there will be some news on that soon. But, I’m excited to get this new project into print. It’s been rattling around in my brain far too long, now.

So, “excitement” seems to be the word of the day here. And, why not? The Lord has given me so many ways to serve Him and others. It’s an honor to be used by Him, for His glory. Though Community Bible Study, my books, my social media start up business or Plexus, I have equal opportunity to honor Him. And, if that’s not exciting, I really don’t know what it!



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