Busy, Busy, Busy! Update

Oh, my, I had BIG plans for July…blogging, business building, etc
Guess what didn’t actually happen? But, life is like this.
Big Scout went to camp on June 18th or so. Well, that was the WRONG DAY. *grrr* Drive 2.5 hours back home only to repeat the journey the following day. We booted him out of the car and went back home. (well, I did kiss him goodbye) His plan was to come home for his birthday weekend (July 4th, yay!)
The day before we were scheduled to go back and get him, the alternator on RetroMan’s car blew. Okay, it’s almost the end of the month, we’ll fix it next week, we still have my car to go get Big Scout.
Well, no. THE VERY NEXT DAY my alternator blew.
That’s life at the Big Blue House. SO, I was without a car for a bit over a month. In which time, one would assume, that I had plenty of time to write, read, build business, etc. Well, whatever happened, July blew by without a warning, then I had to get back in gear for August. Because, you know, August is:
Back to school
Back to Bible study
*eeeep!* it’s been non-stop since August 1. It’s a good and blessed life. I hope to be blogging semi-regularly again in September.
If you’ve been watching my Facebook posts about Plexus, here’s a quick health update:
~ I have FINALLY broken through that 5-7 pound plateau that has been plaguing me for years. Officially down 11 pounds since June 1. It’s weird to need a belt, and I actually TUCKED IN my shirt today. I haven’t done that since before I had Young Scout. I’m happy to lose slow, it stays off that way.
~ Emotional/mental health has been real good (okay, back-to-school was a cry-fest, but other than that…) I’ve only just noticed this in the past week. Good side benefit!
~ MY HAIR!!! I need a hair cut desperately (and color, but we won’t go there)
~ Nails are holding up well…doing them over the weekend, I’ll show you on FB or IG 😉
Of all the diets, products, etc, that I have attempted through the years, this works. Plain and simple. Yes, I have continued to follow the Blood Sugar Solution program. Plexus products have given me a terrific tool in this battle. I’m not starving (the BSS program is full of healthy foods and fats, yet, there were times I was just plain hungry). The products agree with my body far better than those suggested by Dr. Hyman and are far more affordable. I am confident that continuing on this course is what will get me to the goal of #regaininghealth
Is Plexus for everyone? No. That’s why they have the terrific money back policy that they do. Plexus has a 1% return rate. That’s an awful lot of people who it DOES work for. Just sayin’
If you want to hear more, message me or email.
#plexuslifestyle #regaininghealth #whatifthiscouldchangeeverything
Thanks for popping in! Till next time, Be Blessed!

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