To Kindle or Not to Kindle…

My Kindle Fire died a while ago.

However, I have 1,098,736,450 in my Kindle account, so…it stands to reason that I “need” a new one, right? I have the Kindle app on my phone and laptop, but, I really, REALLY liked having the device with me. It’s so much easier to read than my phone, and easier than carting the laptop around.

Which is a fairly hot topic. Just mentioning this in front of my Apple-loyal son brings the iPad vs. Kindle conversation to new heights.

I’m undecided at the moment…I did like the Fire, and the price on that is incredible. But, that Oasis! It’s bigger AND waterproof! I admit that I almost dropped my Fire into the tub a time or three. The Paperwhite is waterproof, too, though.

What do you think? Do you use an e-reader? Should I let my son get me an iPad?

Ah…such a dilemna <— yes, that is the proper spelling

Till next time, be blessed

Barb, AKA, Vintagechyck


Monday Musings

Hello all! (however many you are 😉 )

I’ve been using 2 different tools in the morning for my devotion time. One, which I’ve been using since February, is a daily Scripture writing plan. I love, love, LOVE the ones free from The Holy Mess. Sara has many that focus on a particular topic through the month, be it Strength in the Storms of Life, or her latest, Spiritual Warfare. These have kept me going when I couldn’t really think about anything else the last few months. I knew I would be IN the Word, even of all I did was look up the verse and write it out. Here’s one about calming anxiety.

The other is New Morning Mercies by Dr. Paul David Tripp. I had gotten this a while back at our Community Bible Study leadership conference, and had moved to another. I was reminded of this during one of my Grief Share sessions, as Dr Tripp is in the videos for the session. What a joy to pick this great devotional book back up!

In discussing what great news the crucifixion of Jesus is, we’re directed to Mark 10:35-45. Here, the Sons of Zebedee come to Jesus with a request. I’ve read this portion many times, but today it hit me differently. I saw immediately that James and John come to Jesus with their own agenda and ask for what they desire. Not “thy will be done, Lord.” Oh, no!!! They aren’t referred to as “Sons of Thunder” for nothing! How very impertinent of them!

Oops. That is so totally me. How often do I just blab a whole big, long list of “stuff,” then, as an aside, toss in a few worshipful words and a quick, “in Your name.” *insert blazing, embarrassed face*

Thankfully, God is a God of great mercy and unfathomable patience. When I seek Him with my whole, repentant heart, I find Him, a forgiving and loving Father. I can bow my head, twist my big toe into the ground and mumble, “I’m sorry,” and he gently lifts my head, wipes my tears and says, “Welcome back, Child.”

That, my friends, is wonderful.

Till next time, be blessed!
Barb, a.k.a. VintageChyck

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Free 5 Day Fitness Challenge

As promised, the other day I told you about this great fitness program I’m doing. I also told you that deets were coming for you to join for a crazy low price.

Well…you can join the 5 day challengefor FREE!!!!!

Yes!! FREE! Starting April 1, join in for five days of great workouts, devotions and fun! Instructor Kristen Ekess has created terrific workouts for Faithful Finish Lines under the banner of Faithful Fitness.

I just completed the kickboxing, and, wow!! Talk about a #sweatieselfie

This program is great, easy to access and you don’t need anything but a desire to be fit in both spirit and body! How great is that?

Don’t miss out! Join in today and get ready to jumpstart your exercise routine!

Blessings and Get fit!

Barb 🌻 aka Vintagechyck

Back Into Routine

Lord, may I be more desirous of INNER transformation as I work on the outer.

I’m so excited about this wonderful new workout program that I am part of. It’s a preview, and I’ll be sharing more about how you can join for a super minimal amount soon. Above is the verse the coach discussed during a killer ab workout!

And that was my prayer, too. That more than flatter abs (hey, I’m almost 56, had 5 kids and life) I would desire the changes that Jesus wants to transform my heart more to His.

It’s hard! I want to rant about injustices, especially since October. I want to comfort myself with a big, gooey whatever and mindless television. I want to sleep till the very last moment and forego the workout and Bible time.

But…I can’t. It’s worth more to wake up earlier, sit in the quiet with my Savior, read His Word, listen to some good Bible teachers and praise music. Get that workout done or walk early Saturday mornings with good friends. Be present, and be aware of what He wants and have a heart willing to obey.

Then, I can have a crispy apple or some wonderful berries, and enjoy my hubby’s company while some mindless television drones in the background.


Barb, aka, Vintagechyck

Minty, Healthy Green Shake

Recently, all over social media, the annual event known as “The Shamrock Shake” has been getting lots of shade thrown it’s way. Probably for good reason, as in, sugar bomb.

But, if you ask me, it’s only once a year, and for goodness sakes, order a SMALL one if you must. Enjoy it for what it is, a TREAT.

I decided to make myself a bit ‘o minty shake this morning, and here’s what I came up with. So easy and tasty and not a sugar bomb.

Vanilla protein powder of choice. I use JJ Virgin’s line of protein powders. They are high quality, vegan, gluten and sugar free. And taste darn good.

Milk/liquid of choice. I stick with plant-based, like Sprouts rand coconut milk or Good Karma Flax, both unsweetened.

A handful of baby spinach.

A serving of…wait for it…FROZEN AVOCADO. Yes, my friends, you not only can freeze your own avocado, bit you can buy it. Game. Changer.

A drop of good quality mint flavoring. Really. Just a drop.

Blend it up and enjoy! And, if you stop bu the Golden Arches, make sure they add a cherry. 😉

Pretty green, right?

Till next time,

Be blessed 🌻

Finally March!

It’s a beautiful day here in Colorado, and, of course, 8 inches of snow is supposedly coming tomorrow.

And, that completely relates to the journey of grieving. Some days are sunny, and others get dumped on by a cascade of emotion that falls as relentlessly as the Colorado snows.

Deep winter now has a double meaning for me. A time of deep sadness, darkness and cold in my soul. It was rough. It was ugly…I was ugly. Some days I didn’t want to get put of my bed, and some days I didn’t.

One thing I did…one Person I clung to…was Jesus. He met me where I was, without judgement or condemnation. He didn’t rush me through my grief, He is teaching me how to embrace it, honoring both Him and my dear daughter. Even on those days when all I could do was say, “Help,” He stayed close.

This past week, I feel that the very first small corner has been turned. I’m not as heavy, I can smile a bit easier. A friend commented that I look brighter, more like myself. Another wise friend told me that I might go two steps back again. I understand that, and know to expect it and not beat myself up about it. The HubMeister, too, has felt a bit of that.

I have been participating in a Grief Share group. Dear one reading this, please look into it. I understand that support groups aren’t for everyone (the HubMeister is one of those folks), but I would ask you to pray about stepping out of your comfort zone and try it. You can find a group near you on their site, and you can also purchase the audio files and a workbook and go through ot on your own. It’s wonderful, helpful material.

My shirt says it all. I am grateful for so much.

🔶️ for a fabulous, wonderful God who loves me

🔶️ for His love letter to me, to read and count on

🔶️ to have such a beautiful daughter for the 34 years that she was here

🔶️ my sons…all 4 of them and their wonderful, complex personalities and gifts

🔶️ to have the opportunity to glorify Jesus in my life, no matter my circumstances

🔶️ a husband who stands by me, who carries me and who loves me as Christ loves His church

I am hoping to return to more consistent blogging in the near future.

Be abundantly blessed,

Barb 🌻 aka, Vintagechyck

Help For Healthy Holiday Fun!

I see it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and I can’t even begin to walk you all through what we’ve been through since. All that I can say right now is that we’ve had a catastrophic loss. I will tackle that at another time, but please keep the family in your prayers. God knows and has showed His care in amazing ways.

Which prompts me to share about how keeping a focus on my health, even in the midst of great sorrow, is helping me walk through it. Instead of ballooning up atwast 25 lbs, I have only gained 2. I have kept my weekly walks as a priority, and will be back to live Pilates class next week. Yes, I have been indulging in all the ” not great for my body” foods, but not to an extreme. After all, great, home made foods and breads and goodies have been arriving at my door for weeks.

Along with all of this, I have kept up, silently, with a fabulous group of women at the Faithful Finish Lines Facebook group. And, on December 1, a FREE Healthy Holiday Challenge is starting.

Here is the nitty gritty:

Avoid holiday weight gain.
Start the new year ahead of the game.
Keep Christ at the center of your holiday season.
Comes with free printable workbook PLUS free, exclusive One Small Change weight loss cards – holiday style!
Supportive community in the Christian Weight Loss Facebook group.
Small, daily challenges to complete each day during the month of December.
Daily Bible verse.

Just follow this link to join in (yeah, another new phone and more linking to learn 😂 )

I really need the accountability and support. And I am glad to ha e a wonderful, Christ-centered group to have it in. I hope to see you there!


Barb, A.K.A. Vintagechyck