Help For Healthy Holiday Fun!

I see it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and I can’t even begin to walk you all through what we’ve been through since. All that I can say right now is that we’ve had a catastrophic loss. I will tackle that at another time, but please keep the family in your prayers. God knows and has showed His care in amazing ways.

Which prompts me to share about how keeping a focus on my health, even in the midst of great sorrow, is helping me walk through it. Instead of ballooning up atwast 25 lbs, I have only gained 2. I have kept my weekly walks as a priority, and will be back to live Pilates class next week. Yes, I have been indulging in all the ” not great for my body” foods, but not to an extreme. After all, great, home made foods and breads and goodies have been arriving at my door for weeks.

Along with all of this, I have kept up, silently, with a fabulous group of women at the Faithful Finish Lines Facebook group. And, on December 1, a FREE Healthy Holiday Challenge is starting.

Here is the nitty gritty:

Avoid holiday weight gain.
Start the new year ahead of the game.
Keep Christ at the center of your holiday season.
Comes with free printable workbook PLUS free, exclusive One Small Change weight loss cards – holiday style!
Supportive community in the Christian Weight Loss Facebook group.
Small, daily challenges to complete each day during the month of December.
Daily Bible verse.

Just follow this link to join in (yeah, another new phone and more linking to learn 😂 )

I really need the accountability and support. And I am glad to ha e a wonderful, Christ-centered group to have it in. I hope to see you there!


Barb, A.K.A. Vintagechyck


Busy Summer Days

Ah, how swiftly this summer has flown! (Can you tell I’m in author mode? 😉) Between watching the grandkids, taking the youngest to work, novice gardening and prepping for CBS, it’s been busy around the Big Blue House. Here, let me show you

Today, since #babyPiper wouldn’t let me write (see pic # 2) I made some chocolate zucchini bread and zucchini banana bread with chocolate chips, of course.

Since I had about 1 cup of shredded zucchini left, I made up some carrot zucchini fritters. Not sure why the baby likes to watch me cook and not write. Oh well, Tom and Sunnie will have to hang on a few days.

Anyhow…look at these beauties

Yes, I ate half of that one before I remembered to save them for posterity. It was so dang good. I’ll making up more of these to keep on hand. They’ll be a great substitute for toast with my eggs or a terrific side dish to chicken or shrimp. Or…on their own as a snack.

Apparently, #babyPiper doesn’t want me blogging, either, so I will say goodbye for now. Here is the fritter recipe. Till next time, be blessed!

Beautiful Summer Morning

Belated Happy 4th, friends! I hope you spent it with those you love. 💖

I’m planning a full post about my fun planner, but I’ll just say it’s fun to use! I know Dawn is hoping to offer a download soon, I’ll let you know.

The garden is coming along so well. I’ve used my thyme and rosemary, fed the bunnies with my parsley, enjoyed my red, white and blue flowers. Tomatoes just started appearing!

This morning, I decided to recreate a favorite treat from a local Smoothie place. It’s packed full of goodness and summer flavors. I was very happy with the result! A refreshing start to your summer morning!

I’ve gotten a new phone, so the posts might take a while to get my bearings and get them looking good. Ah, technology. Don’t we love to love and hate it! 🤣

Till next time, be blessed!



VC’s Summer Happenings

Happy Summer to all! I hope you’re by a cool lake, stream or beach, if that’s your thing, with a cool drink of choice. In other words, I hope the start of your summer has been relaxing!

I had a few weeks, then hopped back into the planning mode. As a leader in Community Bible Study, I’m part of the planning for next year’s festivities. Here’s some of those results:

Supplies for 30 weeks of preschool crafts for 60+ kids. It’s a tough job, but someone has to love doing it 😊💙

The Youngest Son is now working at Chick Fil A, which is a fabulous place for a first job. Great company and his location has a great owner and managers. So, we’ve been driving back and forth, opened a student checking account and suddenly my “baby” will be driving. Ah…life.

Healthier living is also happening, with a small setback. Seems that my body is sensitive to soy. Bummer, since my favorite protein shake is soy-based. But, one of the cool things about being 55 is that I finally can tell, with the guidance of wise friends, what my body is doing. And, it’s hating soy. So…add another thing to the “free-from” column. Oy.

Today’s project is making a fresh batch of elderberry syrup. I’ve been out for almost 2 weeks due to 1-difficulty finding dried Elderberries locally (hooray Natty G’s and my DIL Sam for getting them) and 2-a quiet morning to make it. There are many variations out there, and I tweaked one to my own taste that I found on the Pin. This is definitely something I don’t like not having. I use 2 tbsp daily as a preventative. With the cottonwood flying this season, I know it’s kept the allergy symptoms at bay.

It smells so good! Well…unless you ask my kids. What do they know.

My new planner, the wonderful hand-created one from Dawn, begins Saturday. I’ve filled in a bunch of seasonal stuff, and I’m excited to finally dig in daily! More about that next time, after I’ve had some fun using it. 😊

Till then, Be Blessed!

Barb, a.k.a. VintageChyck 🌻

The Hard Makes It Great

Okay…I’m not a baseball fan, per say, but I absolutely love the movie A League of Their Own. I bawl every time they lose the series. I always find some truth in movies, and this is by far one of the best movie quotes ever. Right up there with Dumbledore.

I thought of this today on my walk. I allowed myself to backtrack and not stay on top of the health I had reclaimed. I ate wrong for my body, I blew off exercising, my sleep habits got all screwy. Seven months and a regain of 12 pounds later, I am back to square one. And…this quote came to my mind as I was sweating, pushing and complaining a bit to the Lord on my walk this morning.

It’s a beautiful day here in Colorado. Perfect, blue sky, a few cottony clouds drifting. Anything that is green is brilliant emerald. The birds are out, and I’m even feeling forgiving towards the squirrel whose been feasting on my kale. So, what do I have to complain about?

My lack of discipline. It’s a lifelong struggle. But, I have help, if I surrender it all to Him. Which, once again this morning, as I was walking and sweating…I gave it all over again.

Monday, I start a 7 week health and wellness course called Faithful Finish Lines. For the 3rd time. That’s okay…they like me 😉 It’s a faith-based course to get you centered on Jesus as you learn to give your weight/food over to Him. I’ve done several of these over the past 30 years. I’ve even been a facilitator in one. Faithful Finish Lines is different. Very grace-based and challenging all wrapped up in one. The gals who lead it have both maintained a 100 pound weight loss, so they know what they’re talking about!

If you want more info on FFL, go to Faithful Finish Lines ⬅ my affiliate link 😊

Challenge!! Post a sweaty selfie and tag me on FB or IG. 🙋

Till next time, be blessed!!

Barb, aka, VintageChyck

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Almost Time!

It’s almost time for me to begin using my fabulous new planner that was custom made by Dawn over at By Sun and Candlelight!

In preparation, I emptied the Uncalendar that I had been using. It was a fine planner, and I might go back to it at some point. I did like that it was blank and that I could make it to suit me.

However…I have this wonderful new planner which begins in July. And I’ve also been wanting to put together a prayer journal, so that I have a designated and mobile place for all my spiritual stuff. Let’s face it, emails, texts, facebook posts all tend to get jumbled or I can never find them again. And I have my summer prayer sheet for CBS, the CBS prayer blog, etc. I need a “war binder” to keep it all in one place. I happened to have a pretty floral binder that is currently unused. Plus, it matches my new planner somewhat!

I have a mess of Pilot G2 pens that I coded to my preferences, and a nice assortment of sticky notes. I think I need a pouch for the binder to keep everything in.

Aren’t those clip sticky notes fun?

I’ll figure out the best way to set up the sections, but I did create a printable page that I’ve been using in my current notebook. This way I don’t have to write it all out every day.

It’s already shaping up to be a busy summer. I have ministry projects to get prepared, my son is working at Chick Fil A at least 3 days a week, and I watch the grandies 2 days per week. It’s busy…and blessed!…around the Big Blue House!

How is your summer looking? Are you traveling? Enjoying a stay-cation? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time, be blessed!

Barb aka VintageChyck


If you’d like the printable, I’d be happy to send it to you 👍

Beauty of Self-Care

I’m going to start this off with some raw honesty: I struggle with this, not because I don’t love to pamper myself (my garden tub sees lots of use) rather, it’s the struggle between the flesh and the spirit. Because my flesh loves attention. But, my spirit needs it in a completely different way.

I have the feeling that many Christian women struggle with this balance, and with even feeling the need for justification.

If we, as women, care for our families, our homes, our outside of the home responsibilities, our vocations, isn’t it only sensible that we should, indeed, make some time in there to care for ourselves? How can we give our Lord, our families, or anything else our best if we’re run-down and exhausted?

I don’t believe that self-care is unBiblical, and I do think Scripture is rife with wisdom on balancing your life. Naturally, if your spiritual walk is off-kilter, so everything else shall follow.

Jesus took time; He rose early to pray. He left the disciples to care for a crowd to pray. He prayed late into the night in Gethsemane, before the immense undertaking of His Passion. Not once is it recorded that Jesus complained about not having “me time.”

Paul served with a fervor I envy, and he did so by making God his first priority. Peter, too. Their writings in the New Testament are clarion calls to make God the priority.

So, Barb, you’re all saying (yes, I know you are!), what does this have to do with self-care?

Self-care begins with Him. With putting your worn and weary heart in His hands. Looking to Him for guidance on what food is best for your body and budget. Putting the 3 5K’s you’d like to participate in at the foot of the Cross and accepting the answer on to run all, some or none.

Putting our health in His hands is the biggest step in having time for our own self-care. It never fails that when I am up early, barely able to fumble through my Bible, but have worship as my priority I find time in my day for a 20 minute workout, sitting in the sun for 15 minutes, running outside with the grandkids, going for a walk with a friend, and, yes…even hanging out in my tub for a nice detox bath.

So, dear friend, spend time refreshing your spirit at His feet, and you’ll have time to care for the vessel that He created for you to reside in on this side of heaven. 💚

Till next time, be blessed!