Beauty of Self-Care

I’m going to start this off with some raw honesty: I struggle with this, not because I don’t love to pamper myself (my garden tub sees lots of use) rather, it’s the struggle between the flesh and the spirit. Because my flesh loves attention. But, my spirit needs it in a completely different way.

I have the feeling that many Christian women struggle with this balance, and with even feeling the need for justification.

If we, as women, care for our families, our homes, our outside of the home responsibilities, our vocations, isn’t it only sensible that we should, indeed, make some time in there to care for ourselves? How can we give our Lord, our families, or anything else our best if we’re run-down and exhausted?

I don’t believe that self-care is unBiblical, and I do think Scripture is rife with wisdom on balancing your life. Naturally, if your spiritual walk is off-kilter, so everything else shall follow.

Jesus took time; He rose early to pray. He left the disciples to care for a crowd to pray. He prayed late into the night in Gethsemane, before the immense undertaking of His Passion. Not once is it recorded that Jesus complained about not having “me time.”

Paul served with a fervor I envy, and he did so by making God his first priority. Peter, too. Their writings in the New Testament are clarion calls to make God the priority.

So, Barb, you’re all saying (yes, I know you are!), what does this have to do with self-care?

Self-care begins with Him. With putting your worn and weary heart in His hands. Looking to Him for guidance on what food is best for your body and budget. Putting the 3 5K’s you’d like to participate in at the foot of the Cross and accepting the answer on to run all, some or none.

Putting our health in His hands is the biggest step in having time for our own self-care. It never fails that when I am up early, barely able to fumble through my Bible, but have worship as my priority I find time in my day for a 20 minute workout, sitting in the sun for 15 minutes, running outside with the grandkids, going for a walk with a friend, and, yes…even hanging out in my tub for a nice detox bath.

So, dear friend, spend time refreshing your spirit at His feet, and you’ll have time to care for the vessel that He created for you to reside in on this side of heaven. 💚

Till next time, be blessed!



New Season, New Planner, Fresh Goals

Happy weekend!

We’re all, or most of us are, in the midst of end-of-year parties, planning and just plain busy-ness! I just finished baking 4 dozen cookies for our Bible study blessing bags that we give to our volunteers (and if you’re one of them, just pretend you didn’t read that). And, I’m also in the first stages of craft prep for the new year…eeep!

But into my life, a beautiful gift fell! I don’t know if I mentioned it on here, but I won a custom planner from Dawn over at By Sun and Candlelight. I have been enjoying her blog for many years and it was so much fun to win this special tool that I cannot wait to dig into.

I felt very special when I opened the package; Dawn packed it very lovingly in a box with white and gold tissue paper. Plus she enclosed a handwritten note.

I picked out the cover paper…Isn’t it gorgeous? And, I just happen to have sticky notes the same color.

Here are some shots of the inside pages. I’m considering a You Tube video to really show off the beauty of this planner.

Dawn very thoughtfully added my birthday, too 🎂.

I plan to do a series of monthly posts to show off…er, I mean, joyfully explain how I am implementing this new planner in my days. I love the seasonal focus, and I truly think it will help me stop and smell the fresh air.

Just wait till I show you the Thanksgiving planning section…😉

Dawn’s blog can be found here:

Obviously, I still don’t have the hang of linking on this phone app.

Hoping it won’t be so long between posts!

Till next time

Be Blessed!


Promised Recipe and More!

Well…I promised on my IG that I would post the recipe for these yummy power bites…and, life happened.

They look a little better now, since I squared them up. But, that’s what impatience gets you. That has been a sort of theme lately. Love is patient, kind, etc. Between CBS, Fruitful Year 2018 and church, the love chapter in 1 Corinthians has been front and center. And I’m flailing around, trying hard to be what scripture describes as love but…humanity strikes. Eeek. Chieftess of Sinners. Yeah.

*ahem* So on with recipes!

I used this spice recipe…it is a new favorite! What do you think?

I also made almond and coconut milk, and I’ll tell you it was so easy I don’t know why I waited. Oh, right. I thought I “needed” a big, fancy, expensive blender that begins with a “V.” Nope! Did it right in my reliable, inexpensive red Oster. The big fancy one isn’t even red. Who needs that negativity?

How I did this: I soaked 1 or maybe 1.5 cups of shredded coconut and sliced almonds in filtered water overnight in a mason jar. If you know me, I eyeballed it. I poured it into the blender, hit puree and let it make magic.

You do have to strain it. And really press out all the Yumminess that wants to stay. Here I am with my almond milk

And, in another wave of incredible brilliance that rivals Oz, the Great and Powerful, I actually used the leftover mush to make almond meal and coconut chocolate something or another. The almond meal was a 4 hour process, but simple. I spread it out on parchment lined baking pan and popped in in a 175*F oven and walked away. Checked it at 2 hours, it was still a bit wet. At 3.5 hours I turned up the heat to 275*F and it toasted up beautifully in 20-ish minutes. Here’s a before and after.

The coconut is probably best left unspoken, but I had about 3/4 cup of mush. I added 1 tbsp of Juice Plus Dutch Chocolate Complete and, well…I’ll eat it. Here, because it’s better, is a picture of MAG, also know as Dom. He’ll be a big brother in a few days.

That was his opinion of my coconut chocolate concoction.

Visit again soon!

Till then, bee blessed 🐝


Two for Tuesday, Vintagechyck edition

I have a million things I need to get done in an hour, yet, here I am! 😂

To proclaim the GLORY of God and miraculous healings!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Not only has my blood pressure come down incredibly…I mean, from high 160/90’s to under 110/70. But…this morning I had an absolute God moment.

I felt as though a wave of peace fell over me, from head to toe. I actually was a bit scared. Since that happened, I have not had the slight background noise in my ears that I have had for so very long. I always associated it with my blood pressure. I never even told my husband about it! It was just “one if those things.”


God is a God of healing. Wonderous and mysterious at times. He took this from me. Period. It’s amazing.

Have a wonderful and miracle filled day 💙💚💙💚

Snowy Sunday Happenings

Really, the most important update is that it’s FOUR Sundays till the Daytona 500. 

So what does Barb do on a snowy Sunday at home with the grandkids? We watch Inside Out while making Salad-in-a-Jars!

That was the counter during prep. I made Maple Balsamic Vinagrette, Creamy Avocado Dressing, spiralized some carrots and zucchini and got my jars in line. I made 2 of each of the following jars. 

The idea of layering is that your dressings go first, then the solid veggies/protein. This way your more tender ingredients don’t wilt. Then add the lighter things, top with greens and seal. Here are the finished products:

I also needed a new batch of toothpaste. I began making my own a few years back. My teeth are very sensitive, and spending $5 on a tube just for me was silly. This recipe seems to work well for me. This time around I added a drop of Clove Bud oil since my bridge is giving me a few issues. #oldladyissues

I got all of this done before 10:30 AM. Now, the grands are playing with Lincoln Logs while I blog. #lifeisgood

I also made myself an essential oil sinus inhaler to combat this pesky scratchy throat. More about inhalers in another post. For now, signing off. Till next time, Be Blessed!

Barb aka Vintagechyck

New Paleo/AIP Pinterest Recipe

Chicken Sausage Poppers
I’ve been reading and pinning quite a bit from this blog and been wanting to make these little gems for a few weeks. Today happened to be the perfect storm of having all the ingredients, with a few variations of my own (of course.)

I used ground turkey and turkey bacon and switched the rosemary for thyme. I liked it. Just the right balance of sweet and savory. Perfect for breakfast or a quick afternoon protein boost. 

My grandson just told me “it tastes like a weird sausage.” Ah. Kids. 😒😂

That’s what’s happening around the Big Blue House this afternoon. Till next time, be blessed!


Happy 2018!

So, I surprisingly find myself able to blog. I guess something is or isn’t working correctly 😛😉

We’re almost 2 weeks into the new year. I have some fun plans and goals, and I hope to be sharing more on here. One thing I am doing with my online gang is A Fruitful Year. You can get some sneak peeks on Beth’s blog. I’m excited to be working through it. We’ll be using the hashtag #fruitfulyear2018 on social media if you want to keep an eye out. 

I was wondering what planner would replace my Uncalendar come July. I’m enjoying it, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get another, and yes, I was leaning towards “probably.” Then, low and behold…I WON A NEW CUSTOMIZED PLANNER FROM DAWN!!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. If you’ve been reading my various versions of this blog over the years, you know I’ve been following Dawn’s beautiful blog for a long time. She has the most wonderful homeschooling plans and links and her planning posts…oh my. I’ve always admired her beautiful handmade planners. And now I get to have one! I will keep you updated on that, believe me! 😉

My switch in health and wellness products is going very well. I am back to feeling better with paleo and Pilates, walking when weather permits, and balancing out my nutrition with Juice Plus+. What a change from my prior routine. So simple. I’m also delving into essential oils, there is so much to absorb, if you’ll forgive the pun. 

I am looking forward to blogging more regularly, with more of a focus on health and wellness. I find it more and more becoming a passion, and as I hit the big Double Nickle this year, I want to go in feeling my best! So as I learn, I shall share.

Till next time, be blessed

Barb 🌻